Dino Jump has a reputation throughout the industry for providing the safest inflatables and “Jumps” around! The following are just a few of the unique safety features offered by our exclusive designs:

Safety Slides

No more lifting the kids in and out of the Jumps! Our Safety Slide Ramps allow children of all ages to easily enter and exit the Jumps safely on their own. Unlike some removable steps, our Safety Slides are built into the Jump, adding to the aesthetics of the design and ensuring stability.

Safety Circle

Net Entry – Featured in all of our Jumps and replacing the traditional “slit-entry” found in older designs, this unique feature prevents children from falling out of the Jumps and ensures that participants enter and exit one at a time.

Safety Loops

Every Dino Jump Inflatable features Safety Loops all around the unit. These loops are used to “stake down” or “sandbag” the Inflatables to keep them from moving out of position or blowing over in windy conditions.

Structural Design

All of our products are specially designed to ensure maximum stability! Is this a safety feature? Absolutely! Our Jumps will NEVER tip over or “cave-in” while in use! Our years of experience in Inflatable design provide you with quality safe products.

If you plan on renting our inflatables…

Read and sign our safety and regulations rental form, provided by us, the day of your event.


Print now and sign after you read the form below. We will collect this signed form at the setup location.